Colour Assessment Cabinet(2feet) light

৳ 135,000.00

Warranty Period : 1 year
Model : CAC60-5
Hight : UK
Light source : Five Light source
Stock : In Stock
Origin : UK
Brand : Verivide

Product Description

CAC60-5 Colour assessment cabinet


CAC 60-5 A Compact Cabinet with 5 Light Options

Code: CAC 60-5

The consistency of the light sources in all VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets gives excellent viewing conditions for reliable colour critical decisions under consistent lighting.

The CAC 60-5 is our smallest 5 lamp Light Box in our range and correspondingly is ideal for smaller product which require additional light source options. It should also be considered for offices and production areas where space is at a premium. The smaller size is also reflected in the price.

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 710 545 540
Viewing Area 680 335 500

The CAC 60-5 is fitted with 5 light sources, the first usually being D65. This is ideal for those who require two ‘point of sale’ light sources such as 840P15 with either 830 or Cool White in the same light box to satisfy the requirements of multiple customers. If required A or H can be supplied instead of F or A can replace F and H can be the fifth light source if both A and H are required. SeeLamp Optionsfor more information.

As with all our CAC range you can stipulate the voltage you require and can also ask for cabinets to be fitted with a Diffuser and/or Dimmers (dependant upon lamp options you select). The cabinets are paintd with a neutral matt grey, either G5574, Munsell N5 or Munsell N7.

We also have a selection ofaccessoriesspecifically designed for our CAC cabinet range including Benches, Workstations and Cupboards. Tables, both Tilting and Fixed Angle, are also available.

Individual retailers have differing specifications for the lamps and paint used in the Colour Assessment Cabinets, for more details please click on


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