Snap Button Pullout Tester India Brand Ramp

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Warranty Period : 1 year
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Origin : India
Brand : Ramp

Product Description



Ramp Snap Button Pullout Tester is used to Conveniently Determine the

holding strength between the Button / Snap and the fabric to which it is attached.

Holding strength is the force required to separate the button from the material (fabric/garment) or the force

required to unsnap a snap fastener. The result

comes directly on the Dial Gauge in  Kg.


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Ramp Button Pull out Tester consists of upper Jaws  (4 Nos., for Button Pull & Snap Pull) and a fixed Lower Jaw. The Button/Snap is

held in the fixed Lower Jaw and the same is pulled by the Upper Jaw with pull & push type of dial to show the force applied directly.

Especially designed manual handle provides the pulling force while testing. The lower adjustable clamp to grip the fabrics precisely.

The Instruments is finished beautifully in cream Metallic Paint and has the latest aesthetics & ergonomics to make it a world class

Testing equipment.



· Specially designed equipment as per requirement, to determine the pulling strength of any type of button & snaps used in garments

· World Class model with latest technology.

· With maximum capacity 30Kgf with Least Count of 250Gms.

· Four different types of jaws supplied to grip different type of buttons & snaps.

· Pull & Push type dial gives maximum accuracy.

· 5lbs calibration weight supplied as an accessory to calibrate the instrument.

· Protective goggle is provided for safety.

· Supplied with all accessories.

· Supplied with inspection & calibration certificates.

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Technical Detail


Measuring Capacity                                  : As per Requirement 20 / 30 Kg

Sensitivity                                                  : 200  / 250 g

Overall Dimensions of the Instrument     :  10 (W) x 12 (D) x 32 (H) Inch

Net Weight of the Instrument                  : 22 Kg



1. Base of the Unit.

2. Lower Fabric Clamp (Stationary Jaw).

3. Upper Snap Clamp (To Pull the Snap) (For Male & Female).

4. Force Measuring Gauge (With Calibration Certificate).

5. Gauge Mounting Plate.

6. Handle (Hand Wheel to move in Up/Down direction).

7. Lower Jaw Gripping Handle.

8. Three Pronged Clamp (To Pull the Buttons).

9. Upper Stud Clamp to Pull the Snap (For Male).

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