Whirlpool Washing machine

Whirlpool Washing machine

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Warranty Period : One year
Model : 3LWTW4800YQO
Stock : In stock
Origin : USA
Brand : Whirlpool

Product Description

Whirlpool Top Loading Washing machine 

Model :3LWTW4800YQO

Capacity : 10.5kgs

Country of Origin : USA

Other details as per catalogue

AATCC Test Methods

Standard Launder ring parameter – Several AATCC methods call for home laundering :88B, 88C, 124,135,142,143,150,172,179,and 188


White Washer with White Control Panel
New Sensing Technology (series of spins prior to load start checks to balance load)
Electronic Control showing cycle status
Push Start/Pause/Unlock Button
New Lid Lock with light control allowing for higher spin speeds (lid locked during Fill, Agitate, Drain and Spin)
Spray Rinse Feature fills out tub with water as it spins
2 Spins Speeds, max. 700 RPM, better water extraction
White Porcelain Basket
Xtra Roll Action™ Plus Dual Action Agitator
Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispensers
Fabric Softener/Extra-Rinse Knob
Wide Open Solid Lid
8 Cycles:
-Delicate (low spin, includes spray rinse)
-Light Casual (all temperatures, low spin)
-Regular Casual (all temperatures, low spin)
-Light Normal (all temperatures, high spin, inc. spray rinse)
-Regular Normal (all temperatures, high spin, inc. spray rinse)
-Heavy Normal (all temperatures, high spin, spray rinses only)
-Drain & Spin (high spin)
-Rinse & Spin (cold rinse, high spin)
4 Water Temperatures (Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot) w/Cold Rinse
4 Water Levels/Load Sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Super)

Net Dimensions (in): H 43 x W 27 ½ x D 27
Net Dimensions (cm): H 109.2 x W 69.8 x D 68.6
Voltage: 220-240 Volts /50


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