oxygen meter, oxygen monitor or oxygen analyzer, is a device used to measure the concentration of oxygen (O2) in a gas mixture or the level of dissolved oxygen in a liquid. These meters are commonly used in various industries and applications to ensure safety, monitor environmental conditions, and assess the quality of gases or liquids.

Most oxygen meters use electrochemical sensors to measure the oxygen concentration. These sensors work based on the principle of oxygen diffusion through a permeable membrane, causing an electrochemical reaction that generates a measurable signal proportional to the oxygen concentration.

It’s important to calibrate and maintain oxygen meters regularly to ensure accurate readings. Additionally, different types of oxygen meters may have specific operating parameters and limitations, so it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper use and maintenance.

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  • Gas Phase Oxygen Meter: This type of oxygen meter is used to measure the oxygen concentration in a gas mixture, typically in ambient air or industrial gases. It is commonly employed in the following areas:
    • Safety Monitoring: Oxygen meters are crucial in environments where the depletion or enrichment of oxygen levels can be hazardous, such as confined spaces, industrial processes, and laboratories.
    • Medical Applications: Oxygen meters are used in medical settings to measure oxygen levels in anesthesia delivery systems, incubators, respiratory therapy equipment, and other medical devices.
    • Environmental Monitoring: They are used to measure oxygen levels in air pollution studies, greenhouse gas monitoring, and climate change research.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter: This type of oxygen meter is used to measure the concentration of oxygen dissolved in a liquid, such as water. It finds application in:
    • Aquaculture and Fish Farming: Monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in fish ponds and aquaculture systems is essential to ensure the well-being of aquatic life.
    • Environmental Studies: Dissolved oxygen meters are used to assess water quality in natural bodies of water, like rivers, lakes, and oceans, to understand the health of aquatic ecosystems.
    • Wastewater Treatment: Oxygen meters are employed in wastewater treatment plants to monitor the dissolved oxygen levels during the treatment process, as it is crucial for the survival of aerobic bacteria responsible for breaking down organic matter.