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Spectrophoto Seller Price In Bangladesh

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spectrophotometer is a scientific instrument used to measure how much a substance absorbs light at various wavelengths. It is widely used in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, environmental science, and other fields to analyze and quantify the concentration of substances in a sample based on their interaction with light.

Spectrophotometers are powerful tools for precise and accurate analysis in various scientific and industrial applications, providing valuable data for research, quality control, and diagnostics.

Applications of Spectrophotometers:

  1. Quantitative Analysis: Determining the concentration of substances in a solution, such as in clinical assays, environmental monitoring, and quality control in industries.
  2. Qualitative Analysis: Identifying substances based on their characteristic absorption spectra.
  3. Enzyme Kinetics: Studying the rates of enzyme-catalyzed reactions by monitoring absorbance changes over time.
  4. DNA and Protein Analysis: Measuring the concentration of nucleic acids and proteins in biological samples.