Discover the efficiency of our Industrial Counting Weight Scale, an indispensable tool for accurate counting and inventory management. Engineered for precision and reliability, this robust equipment is a game-changer in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers. Its high-precision sensors and advanced technology ensure accurate counting of parts, components, or products, minimizing errors and saving time. With a user-friendly interface and various counting modes, our Weight Scale simplifies the counting process for different items and sizes. Its durable construction and large weighing platform accommodate various loads, optimizing efficiency in the counting process. Trust our Industrial Counting Weight Scale to enhance your inventory management, providing reliable and precise counting for seamless operations.

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industrial counting weight scale, also known as a counting scale, is a specialized type of weighing scale used to count large quantities of identical small parts or items accurately. These scales are commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and inventory management.

Key features of an industrial counting scale

  • High accuracy: Counting scales are designed to provide precise and accurate counting of small parts. They can count items with a high degree of accuracy, often up to a fraction of a unit.
  • Piece counting function: The main feature of an industrial counting scale is its ability to count parts based on their weight. The scale first weighs a sample quantity of the items and calculates the average weight per piece. Then, when additional items are placed on the scale, it divides the total weight by the average weight per piece to determine the count.
  • Tare function: counting scales typically come with a tare function, allowing you to zero out the weight of the container or tray holding the items.
  • Weight capacity: Industrial counting scales are available in various weight capacities, 1.5 kg 3kg ,10 kg 15 kg