Aqua Boy Textile Moisture Meter is calibrated and tailor-made specifically for the textile industry. Aqua-Boy moisture meters analyze the moisture content of solid materials in a host of applications. Easy to use and highly portable, these compact meters deliver instant results with an accuracy of 0.1%. Recommended by official test and research laboratories, Aqua-Boy moisture meters are the automatic choice of industrial specialists and scientists worldwide

AAcetate Yarn
Acrylic fibre in bales
Acrylic Fibres in bales 250-350Kg
BBagasse (sugar cane fibre)
Coir Rugs
Cones of yarn
cotton 60%/Linen 40%
Cotton and Polyester 60 Bw /40 PES
Cotton and Polynosic 50 Bw/50 Polynosic (PON)
Cotton Bales
Cotton Bobbin with yarn
Cotton Ginning(raw cotton)
Cotton Raw (ginning)
Cotton surgical gauze
FFelt in rolls
Fibre bales – compressed
Flax Yarn
GGarments (finished) 100% cotton 100% Nylon Stonewashed Jeans
HHemp Yarn
JJute Rugs
Jute Yarn

Textiles L-P

LLeather 4%~25%
Non woven for wipers and hygenic productsTEM1
Non woven for wipers and hygienic products
PPolyacrylnitril Aqua Boy Textile Moisture
Polyacrylnitrile and Cotton 67PAC/33Bw
Polyacrylnitrile and Cotton 70PAC/30Bw
Polyacrylnitrile and Wool 40PAC.60Wo
Polyacrylnitrile and Wool 50PAC/50Wo

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Digital Textile Moisture Meter DHT-1 in Bangladesh

৳ 165,000.00
tem Specifications
Price : 165000
Warranty Period : 1 year
Model : DHT-1
Stock : Available
Origin : Germany
Brand : Schmidt