Discover efficient yarn testing with our Electric Wrap Reel, a crucial tool for the textile and garment industries. Engineered for precision and consistency, this advanced equipment is a game-changer in determining yarn length and count. Its electric motor ensures a smooth and uniform winding process, providing accurate and reliable test results. With adjustable settings and user-friendly controls, our Electric Wrap Reel caters to various yarn types and test requirements. Its sturdy construction and easy-to-clean design make it suitable for continuous use in testing laboratories. Trust our Wrap Reel to streamline your yarn testing processes, enhancing quality control and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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Electric wrap reel yarn wrap reel is a laboratory instrument used in the textile industry to measure the length of yarn or thread in a sample. It is an essential tool for assessing the yarn's length, which is an important parameter in determining its quality and suitability for various applications.

Key components and features of an electric wrap reel typically include:

  1. Motorized Rotation: Unlike traditional manual wrap reels, electric wrap reels have a motorized system that drives the rotation of the reel. This automation ensures consistent and accurate winding of the yarn.
  2. Adjustable Speed: The electric wrap reel usually has an adjustable speed setting, allowing users to control how quickly the yarn is wound onto the reel. This feature helps optimize the process for different types of yarn.
  3. Digital Display: The instrument is equipped with a digital display that shows the length of the yarn in standard units (such as meters or yards) as it is wound onto the reel.
  4. Tension Control: Electric wrap reels may have mechanisms to control the tension on the yarn during winding, ensuring uniformity and preventing yarn breakage.
  5. Pre-Set Lengths: Some models of electric wrap reels offer the option to set a specific length, and the machine will automatically stop when that length is reached.
  6. Counting Function: The wrap reel may include a counting function that keeps track of the number of rotations, which is helpful for calculating the total length of yarn in cases where a sample requires multiple rotations.
  7. Sturdy Construction: Electric wrap reels are typically made of durable materials to withstand the demands of a textile testing environment.
  8. Footswitch or Control Panel: Some models have a footswitch or a control panel to initiate and stop the winding process, providing hands-free operation