Create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment with our Humidifier, a vital tool for controlling humidity levels in any space. Engineered for efficiency and performance, this advanced equipment is a game-changer in homes, offices, and commercial settings. Its powerful humidification system effectively adds moisture to the air, preventing issues like dry skin, static electricity, and respiratory problems. With adjustable humidity settings and user-friendly controls, our Humidifier ensures optimal comfort and air quality. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to move and position where needed. Trust our Humidifier to create a pleasant and moisture-balanced atmosphere, promoting well-being and improving the overall indoor living conditions.

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Humidifier SUJA Global 40 liter Capacity

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Humidifier 12 Liter Ultrasonic SUJA Global READY STOCK

Original price was: ৳ 165,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 162,000.00.

Industrial humidifiers play a critical role in various industries, including textiles, printing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, where maintaining precise humidity levels is crucial for production processes, equipment performance, and product quality. By controlling humidity, these humidifiers help prevent issues like static electricity, dust accumulation, and dimensional changes in materials, leading to improved productivity and a comfortable working environment.

  • Capacity: The humidifier has a large water tank or reservoir with a capacity of approximately 12- 40 liters, allowing it to run for extended periods without frequent refilling.
  • Humidification Method: Industrial humidifiers often utilize different methods of humidification, such as ultrasonic technology, evaporative cooling, or high-pressure spraying systems, to generate and disperse water vapor efficiently.
  • Humidification Rate: The humidifier's humidification rate is the amount of moisture it can add to the air per unit of time, usually measured in liters per hour or gallons per hour. A 12-40-liter capacity can achieve a high humidification rate suitable for large spaces.
  • Coverage Area: Industrial humidifiers are designed to humidify substantial areas, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, data centers, and other commercial spaces. The coverage area for a 12- 40-liter humidifier can be several hundred to thousands of square meters, depending on its design and capabilities.
  • Humidity Control: These industrial humidifiers often come with advanced humidity control