Experience precise and efficient mixing with our Laboratory Shaker, a vital tool for scientific research and experimentation. Engineered for accuracy and reliability, this cutting-edge equipment is a game-changer in laboratories and research facilities. Its powerful shaking mechanism and adjustable speed ensure thorough and uniform mixing of liquids and solutions. With user-friendly controls and digital displays, our Laboratory Shaker allows for easy monitoring and operation. Its sturdy construction and safety features make it ideal for continuous use in laboratory settings. Trust our  Shaker to streamline your mixing processes, enabling consistent and reproducible results in your scientific work and experiments. BD SELLER


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Laboratory shakers come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various sample volumes and types of vessels. Some shakers are designed for specific applications, such as temperature-controlled shaking or multi-tier shaking for high-throughput experiments. Proper calibration and maintenance are important to ensure accurate and reproducible results when using a laboratory shaker.

  1. Mixing and Blending: Shakers are used to mix and blend substances, chemicals, or reagents to achieve homogeneity.
  2. Solubility Testing: In pharmaceutical and chemical research, shakers are used for solubility testing of compounds in various solvents.
  3. Cell Culture: Shakers are commonly used in cell culture work to provide gentle agitation to cell cultures and promote even distribution of nutrients and gases.
  4. Bioreactors: Shakers with larger capacities are utilized as benchtop bioreactors for microbial fermentation and other biological processes.
  5. Chemical Reactions: Shakers can be employed in chemical reactions that require agitation for proper mixing and heat transfer.
  6. Staining and Incubation: In biology and histology labs, shakers are used for staining and incubation procedures.