Reliable fabric testing with our Perspiration Tester, a critical tool for the textile and garment industries. Engineered for accuracy and efficiency, this advanced equipment is a game-changer in evaluating the

colorfastness and durability of fabrics to perspiration. It simulates real-life conditions by exposing fabrics to artificial perspiration and heat. With adjustable settings and user-friendly controls, our Perspiration Tester ensures consistent and reproducible test results. Its compact design and sturdy construction make it ideal for laboratory use. Trust our Perspiration to streamline your fabric testing processes, providing valuable insights into fabric performance and helping you deliver high-quality and long-lasting products to your customers.

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  1. SDL Atlas: SDL Atlas is a leading manufacturer of textile testing instruments and equipment, including perspiration testers. They offer a range of models designed to simulate various perspiration conditions for assessing the performance of textiles.
  2. James Heal: James Heal is a trusted name in the textile testing industry, producing a wide array of testing instruments, including solt testers. Their products are known for their accuracy and reliability.
  3. SDC Enterprises Ltd: SDC Enterprises is a global provider of textile testing instruments and consumables. They offer perspiration testers that comply with international testing standards.
  4. GESTER Instruments Co., Ltd: GESTER is a manufacturer of comprehensive testing instruments for textiles and other materials. They produce perspiration testers that meet various international standards.