Ensure the durability of rubber products with our Rubber Fastness Tester, a vital tool for quality control in various industries. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this advanced equipment is a game-

changer in evaluating the colorfastness and resistance of rubber materials to abrasion, rubbing, and other environmental factors. Its testing methods provide valuable data for ensuring the longevity and performance of rubber products. With user-friendly controls and digital displays, our Rubber Fastness Tester ensures accurate and consistent test results. Its sturdy construction and safety features make it ideal for continuous use in production settings. Trust our Rubber Fastness to uphold the integrity and reliability of your rubber products, providing confidence in their performance and customer satisfaction.

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  1. Abrasion Wheel: The rubber fastness tester is equipped with an abrasion wheel that rotates against the rubber sample, simulating the abrasive conditions the material may encounter during use.
  2. Test Specimen Holder: The rubber sample is securely placed on a test specimen holder during the test.
  3. Digital Display: The tester may have a digital display that shows the number of cycles or the level of abrasion resistance achieved during the test.
  4. Adjustable Parameters: Rubber fastness testers often have adjustable parameters, such as the test speed, pressure, and number of cycles, to simulate various wear conditions.
  5. Color Fastness Evaluation: Some testers also have a color fastness evaluation feature that measures any color change or loss during the abrasion test.