Schmidt Tension Meters – Tension Meter Fifty years ago, the founder of the company Mr. Hans Schmidt started selling yarns and distributing textile machinery. He became aware of the importance

which the control of tension had for production processes, and soon developed and constructed a 3-Roller Tension Meter which featured a measuring roller and two guiding rollers. This ingenious

principle of operation has been proven to be the best method for tension measuring. The 3-roller measuring system has become the hallmark of all SCHMIDT tension meters and remains

unsurpassed in its efficiency even today

1962 The company S C H M I D T moves to Waldkraiburg

The workshop in Esslingen near Stuttgart, where the production had started, soon became too small. In 1962, Hans  S C H M I D T, therefore, decided to move to Waldkraiburg, where he had bought a property

in 1958 which included a former ammunition dump. After a few alterations to the building, the first 70 sq.m could soon be used for production. Schmidt Tension Meters – Tension Meter

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