Shrinkage Testing Template

Shrinkage (fabric) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shrinkage (in fabric) is a parameter of testing textile fabrics to measure changes in length and width after washing. Shrinkage failing materials are dimensionally unstable and they can cause deforming of the garments or products made out of those materials.Shrinkage Test of Fabric. Shrinkage: Shrinkage is the process in which a fabric becomes smaller than its original size, usually through the process of laundry. Cotton fabric suffers from two main disadvantages of shrinking and creasing during subsequent washing.If the fabric shrunk, calculate the % of shrinkage using the following formula: every 1/8″ of shrinkage is accounted as 1% shrinkage. For example, if the weft measured after the wash 12 1/8″ that means a shrinkage of 3/8″ in the weft = 3% shrinkage

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