Circle Sample Cutters / GSM Cutter100cm SJAGSM01

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Price : 6500
Warranty Period : One Year
Model : SJAGSM01
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Origin : Singapore
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Brand : Suja
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Fabric cutting area : 100cm2


Circle Sample Cutters

For the preparation of test specimens

For the preparation of test specimens such as woven, non-woven, or knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, paper, or board.

Simple & user friendly

Sample Cutters enable you to quickly and accurately cut circular specimens of a fixed diameter


100cm confirm the cutting accuracy of these instruments

Cut any material

From woven, nonwoven, and knitted textiles, to carpet, film, foam, paper, and board – with heavy-duty blades to cut specimens up to 10mm thick

Choice & variety

We can offer any diameter between 38mm and 140mm

Material / End-use

Pile of jumpers, textiles, apparel, fabric











bandages medical textiles

Medical Textiles

Synthetic material - textile testing


Woman on run over bridge in sportswear


Backpacks and outdoorwear in mountain setting

Outdoor wear










This cutter is a specialized instrument to determine the GSM of the textiles (Woven, Non-Woven or Knitted, Fabrics) sectors. Also, this Cutter can be used for virtually any type of material including Poly, Film, Foam, Carpet Paper, and Board. This Cutter is recommended for Yield Testing (a technique to determine the number of portions produced after the required processing has been performed) of weight per unit area. The sample cutter cuts out rapidly and accurately circular specimens of 100 cm. sq.

Technical Details
Name Details
Fabric Cut 100 cm. sq.
Diameter 115 cm. sq. (Approx)
Type of Cut Standard
Box Size (17 x 17 x 13)cm
Weight 1.5kg
Blades Heavy-duty four pieces blade (Germany) for long life
Rubber Pad For smoothly cutting the sample without damage the cutting blade


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