Concrete moisture meter SM-842 in Bangladesh

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The concrete moisture meter is a measuring device for nondestructive moisture measurement on concrete and screed. Here, the spring electrodes of the concrete moisture meter are pressed onto the surface to be tested. Within seconds, the concrete moisture meter will show the moisture content to the operator.


This moisture meter is designed for testing moisture levels in wood and building materials. Combined the microcontroller technique and integrated characteristics for 4 material groups Increase the accuracy of measurements. It is widely used for measuring the moisture level in the rough professional environment.



  • Use on woods, bamboo, paper, wood fiber articles, and building materials
  • Big LCD display with backlight
  • Replaceable electrode pins
  • 2-in-1 Digital LCD readout and analog bar graph
  • Simultaneous measurement and display of moisture & temperature readings
  • Materials selection measurements
  • Auto power off



Electrode 1Omm(replaceable)
Moisture Range Wood: 5–70%RH
Building materials: 0.1-2.4%RH
Temperature Range -20-70’C/-4-158’F
Moisture Accuracy Wood:5-30%: +%

30-60%: +2%

60-70%: +4%

Other materials:+0.5 %
Temperature Accuracy -20-70 C/-4-158 T: +1.5’C/2.7F
Auto Power Off Meter shuts off automatically after 120 seconds of inactivity
Power Supply One 9V battery
Operating Temperature 0-50’C/32-122 F
Operating Humidity 0-85 %RH


Operating Instruction:

7.1 Open the battery cover and install a 9V battery (battery type: 006P or NEDA1604 or IEC6F22) in the Battery Compartment.

7.2 Power on the meter, and then select the suitable measurement mode according to the object to be measured. Please refer to the material table in the last page.

7.3 Remove the protective cap to expose the electrode pins, carefully push the electrode pins as far as possible into the materials under test. Take several readings in several locations on the material for the best representation of the amount of moisture present. The measured values will be displayed on the LCD


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