Corn Sheller Machine In Bangladesh Maize Thresher

৳ 25,500.00

roduct Code : HZK210
Price : 25500
Warranty Period : One year
Model : SVC-01
Stock : In Stock
Origin : Singapore
Discount : No
Accessories : available
Brand : Suja


Product usage: Be used for threshing corn.

ভুট্টা ছাড়ানোর মেশিন

Product feature:
1. Use the steel structure to fix the machine frame; easy to install; lightweight and small size; convenient to move and place.
2. Matching with 220V motor, light load, low energy consumption.
3. The spring automatically adjusts the gap; be able to process different sizes of corn cobs; strong adaptability of threshing work.4.A large diameter feeding hopper makes it convenient to input materials.
5. Use two blades to thresh corn; enhance the threshing efficiency.
6. The protective cover of the inlet and outlet can prevent seeds and cobs from splashing. The protective cover of the belt can prevent twining. The whole machine is safe and reliable.7.Select high-quality steel materials. Die stamping forming. Has reliable performance. Durable to use.
8. Using the electrostatic spraying technology; environmentally and safe.
9. Be installed rubber feet; working stably.


 Main Technical Parameters
Package Carton
Volume mm 1060*400*720
Power kw 0.75
Voltage v 220
Speed r/min 2000
Weight kg 23
Capacity t/h 1
Threshing Rate >99%
Broken Rate <1%

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