EK400H AND GSM Weight Balance

৳ 6,500.00

  1. Price : 6,500.00 BDT
  2. Warranty Period : 1 year
  3. Model : EK400H
  4. Stock : Available
  5. Origin : Hong Kong
  6. Brand : AND
  7. Delivery Charge : 200
  8. Platter Size: 100cm²
  9. Max. Capacity: 400g. 40000gsm
  10. Accuracy: 0.01g


EK400H AND GSM Weight Balance in Bangladesh


Product Specification;
Model: EK400H

Built-in four display units: g, g/m2, lb

Platter Size: 100cm²

Max Capacity: 400g, 40000gsm

Quality: Good Quality

Warranty: One Year Service Warranty

Completed With: Plastic Wind Shield

Display Type: LCD

Power Supply: 12 VAC ~150mA Adapter or 6 x AA Batteries

Color: Black

Brand: AND

Origin: Hong Kong



Product Description;
Built-in four display units g, g/m2, oz, lb

Max. Capacity 400g x 0.01g


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