swatch cutter, also known as a fabric swatch-cutter or sample cutter, is a specialized tool used in the textile industry to cut precise and uniform samples from fabrics and other materials. It is a valuable tool in fabric sampling, quality control, product development, and various textile testing processes.

Key features and components of a  cutter typically include:

  1. Cutting Blade: The cutter is equipped with a sharp cutting blade, usually in the form of a circular or straight knife, to cut through the fabric with precision.
  2. Cutting Board: The cutting board provides a stable surface for placing the fabric and ensures clean and accurate cuts.
  3. Cutting Size Adjustment: Many swatch-cutters allow users to adjust the cutting size to create samples of different dimensions.
  4. Transparent Guide: Some swatch-cutters have a transparent guide that helps users position the fabric accurately for consistent sample cutting.
  5. Collection Tray: The swatch-cutter may have a collection tray or bin to gather the cut fabric samples conveniently.
  6. Portable and Desktop Models: Swatch cutters come in both portable and desktop models, offering flexibility in usage depending on the application.

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