Hand Pallet Trolley are designed for manual operation, and they are suitable for moving pallets and heavy loads over short distances. For longer distances or larger warehouses, electric pallet jacks may be preferred.

It is important to note that the maximum weight capacity of a hand pallet trolley varies depending on the model, so operators should always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe and efficient use. Additionally, proper training and safety precautions should be observed when using any material handling equipment.

  • The operator slides the forks of the trolley under the pallet or load to be moved.
  • The operator then pumps the handle up and down, which activates the pumping mechanism to raise the forks off the ground, lifting the load slightly.
  • Once the load is lifted, the operator can easily push or pull the trolley to transport the pallet to the desired location.
  • To lower the load, the operator gradually releases the pumping mechanism, allowing the forks to lower the load gently onto the ground.

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