Fabric GSM Cutter 50CM Sample Cutter SJA50

৳ 16,500.00

Price : 16500 BDT
Warranty Period : One Year Warranty
Model : SJA50
Stock : In Stock
Origin : Singapore
Discount : No
Accessories : Available
Product : Available
Delivery Charge : 200 BDT
Fabric cutting area : 50 CM²


This instrument is a circular fabric sample cutter with which a uniform circular fabric is cut without measuring. The specimen which is cut with the help of the Fabric GSM Cutter is 50cm² area. This instrument is complete with a piece of the cutting board and 1 set of extra blades.

Steps for the working of the cutter are as follows:

  • The samples to be cut are placed between the sample cutter & cutting board
  • The gentle pressure on the handwheel is applied
  • The internal blades come in contact with the specimen samples
  • By rotating the handwheel tinder pressure, the sample is cut cleanly & with smooth edges
  • Blades should be turned or changed when they become blunt
  • The cutting boards should be turned or changed when they get worn out after prolonged use
  • Sample area cut by GSM Cutter is exactly of 50cm2


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