Spray Rating Tester Model HTF-010 AATCC(22) Standard

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Spray Rating Tester HTF-010

Spray Rating Tester is used to determine the surface wetting resistance of fabrics. Comprising a metal framework allowing distilled water to be sprayed through a nozzle onto a test specimen at 45° and 150mm below the nozzle.

The appearance of the specimen is compared against an optional photographic scale

Spray Rating Tester Specifications

Glass funnel: φ150 * 150mm (volume approximately 500 ml)

Sample press release angle: 45 °

Nozzle head to the sample center distance: 150mm

Water spray quantity: 250ML

Dimensions: 260 x 230 x  550mm

Weight: 6kg

Standard: ISO 4920   BS EN 24920   BS 3702   AATCC 22   M&S P23   NEXT 23

Accessories: water container 1pcs,

Optional accessories: AATCC(22) Standard scales


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