Achieve accurate and reliable fabric weight measurements with our GSM Cutter and Balance, essential tools for the textile and garment industries. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this advanced

equipment is a game-changer in determining the weight of fabrics and textiles. The GSM cutter precisely cuts a fixed-size fabric sample, and the balance measures its weight. With user-friendly controls and digital displays, our Cutter and Balance ensure consistent and reproducible results. Its compact and portable design allows for easy use in different workspaces. Trust our Cutter and Balance to streamline your fabric weight testing processes, enabling precise quality control and adherence to industry standards.

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GSM Cutter: A GSM cutter, also known as a sample cutter or specimen cutter, is a device used to cut precise and uniform samples from a larger piece of material. These samples are then weighed to determine the grammage of the material.

  • Sharp Circular Blade
  • Fixed Diameter
  • Manual or Electric Operation

GSM Balance: A balance, also referred to as a weighing scale, is an instrument used to measure the weight of the samples cut using the GSM cutter.

  • Precision
  • Taring Function
  • Calibration

Using a GSM cutter and balance:

  • A sample of the material is cut using the GSM cutter. The cutter ensures that the sample has a standard size (e.g., 100 cm²) to allow for consistent measurements.
  • The cut sample is then placed on the balance, and its weight is measured.
  • The grammage or basis weight of the material is calculated by dividing the weight of the sample by the sample's area (100 cm²).